Amarr COSMOS – Contested Amarr Mire Keep

*to be completed*


Collection of Sentries, Frigates, and Cruisers are guarding the Blood Factory can, which contains Slaves. To access the factory all the rats must be destroyed. Rats drop usual types of Blood Raider loot. Beyond the ruined station is a gate to the ‘Grey Barracks’.

[12 x Frigates (Squire/Page/Sentry), 4 x Destroyers (Pikemen), 4 x Cruisers (Gatekeep)]

Grey Barracks:

Contains 2 x Factory, 1 x Laser Pistol Stash. Factory drops Blood Raider Scientist, Slaves, and Biomass, Stash drops Elite Laser Pistols.

[4 x Cruiser (Corpum B.F. Sentry – cap drain), 2 x Cruiser (Corpum Sentry), 2 x Cruiser (Corpum Guard), 1 x Battlecruiser (Corpum Blood Duke), 4 x Destroyer (Corpum Knight), 20 x Frigates]

Blood Duke drops Corpum Commander item.

Attacking any of the batteries gives full pocket agro.

Blood Keep:

3 x Factory


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Amarr COSMOS – Museum Arcana

The Museum Arcana contains the repository of Takmahl knowledge in the constellation. It is located in Zimse, and is accessed via a beacon. You will need the Archaeology skill trained to access the gates and to retrieve the key from the Test of Skill can. The Doorkeeper gives you a small task to retrieve the key and some runes for a decent BPC reward, and once inside you can speak to the Curator for another small set of tasks.

There are a mixture of rat types here, the two frigates both web and scramble you, so be careful with them. To tank the whole room you will need a EM/TH/KN tank that can take about 250dps, so nothing major to worry about. I used a Drake with 2 x LSE II, 1 x EM, 1 x TH, and an Invulnerability Field, and 4 x SPR II in the lows, the other mid is taken up by an Analyzer. EM and TH damage works best all round, however, be careful with drones as unagressed groups will shoot at them. The respawn rate is around 5-10 minutes.

The cans inside the museum drop various Takmahl parts you need to build the COSMOS items. They need an Analyzer module fitted to be able to access them. There are a number of different types of can which each drop a selection of different loot, as outlined below –

Striking Curiosity: Takmahl Cohere Cord, Takmahl Dynamic Gauge, Holy Statue

Analog Mezzotint: Takmahl Binary Texts

Digital Mezzotint: Takmahl Fractal Sheet, Takmahl Centrifugal Primer

Alluring Curiosity: Takmahl Diamond Rod, Takmahl Phrenic Appendix

For the tasks from the Curator, it is advisable to analyze the cans and grab the loot he wants before accepting the tasks.

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Exploration – Pristine Sansha Pod Cluster

Site Type: Magnetometric

Profession: Salvaging

Location: null-sec (0.0)

Rewards: Average (~60m in salvage/loot, ~8m bounties)

Notes: Several Sansha Wrecks that can be salvaged for standard and tech 2 components. Successfully salvaging from a wreck may trigger a Sansha spawn as follows – Ship Ruins (3 x BS Sansha Dread Lord, 4 x FG Centii Loyal Servant [web/scram]), 2 x Ship Remains (2 x CR Centatis Behemoth, 3 x FG Centii Loyal Enslaver), Ship Hulk (2 x BS Centus Dark Lord, 2 x FG Centii Loyal Butcher [web/scram]), 2 x Ship Derelict (no spawns).

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Amarr COSMOS – building the BPCs

Brief overview of building Amarr COSMOS BPCs.

Why would I want to build the items? Apart from the fact that these items are rare and in limited supply, they are also generally equivalent to the corresponding Tech 2 or Faction items in function. In some cases, they have less fitting requirements (CPU & Grid) than the faction equivalent. This makes them extremely useful for pimping out your ships even more, and in some cases (on smaller ships) allowing you to achieve a fit that would otherwise be impossible.

What skills do I need? Takmahl Technology IV, Industry V, Amarr Encryption Methods III. Plus the obvious prerequisites for all of these skills. Some BPs don’t require the Takmahl Technology skill to build, and seeing as the mission to get the key for the Museum Arcana is currently broken (the can drops random loot not the runes it is supposed to), it may be tricky to get it, unless you want to pay ISK150m for it on the market. The lesser BPs may require lesser skills, but skills at the level indicated will allow you to build all the BPs.

What parts are required? Minerals (Zydrine, Tritanium, Mexallon, Pyerite, Tritanium, Megacyte, Nocxium, Isogen).

Plus the following loot drops –

Takmahl items: Takmahl Binary Texts (dropped from xxx), Takmahl Diamond Rod (dropped from xxx), Takmahl Phrenic Appendix (dropped from xxx), Takmahl Centrifugal Primer (dropped from xxx), Takmahl Gyro Ballast (dropped from xxx), Takmahl Solid Mox (dropped from xxx), Takmahl Fractal Sheet (dropped from xxx), Takmahl Dynamic Gauge (dropped from xxx), Takmahl Cohere Cord (dropped from xxx), Takmahl Biodroid Controller (dropped from xxx), Takmahl Geometric Design (dropped from xxx), Takmahl Magnetic Slab (dropped from xxx), Takmahl Tri-polished Lens (dropped from xxx).

Blood Raider items: Blood Raider Regular Ballistic Control (dropped from Blood Crypt), Blood Raider Limited Ballistic Control (dropped from Blood Crypt), Blood Raider Extreme Ballistic Control (dropped from Blood Crypt), Elemental Crux (dropped from Blood Crypt), Classic Doctrine (dropped from Blood Crypt), Auxiliary Parts (dropped from Blood Crypt), Positron Cord (dropped from Blood Crypt), War Strategon (dropped from Blood Crypt), Formation Layout (dropped from Blood Crypt), Force Cable (dropped from Blood Crypt) , Sacred Manifesto (dropped from Blood Crypt).

Some of the Blood Raider items can be found via normal Blood Raider archaeology and hacking sites, particularly the Formation Layout, War Strategon, and Sacred Manifesto drops. If you are reading this and know of other sources of these items please let me know or add a comment. In addition, alot of these items are purchasable on the market or via contracts but are generally expensive.

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Amarr COSMOS – Sanguine Vaults

Not much to report on this. Collection of sentries, with frigates that tracking disrupt, and cruisers that cap drain. Nothing too hard and could be done comfortably in a T1 cruiser. No special equipment is required, the Biomass can is accessed like a normal container and contains 6 Bug-Ridden Corpses and some cap boosters. Continue reading

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Amarr COSMOS – update 1

In the Araz constellation, ratting in belts produces the following COSMOS related loot drops, in addition to the normal loot you may expect. Also, there seems to be a much higher drop rate of Blood Bronze and Blood Silver tags amongst the rats here than with any other rats I have encountered. Continue reading

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Amarr COSMOS – Blood Crypt

Here’s a few pointers about the first of the static complexes in the Amarr COSMOS Araz constellation, The Blood Crypt, located in Garisas and accessed via the Port Maphante beacon. The Gate is located next to Baron Maphante who gives you 4 easy missions, and is a link to/from the agents in Chanoun. Continue reading

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